First Look: Mattel DC Multiverse Arkham Knight Batmobile


Mattel’s inaugural vehicle in the 4-inch-scale DC Multiverse line is the ever-changing, always iconic Batmobile, offered first as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

Mattel’s Batmobile is styled after its appearance in the upcoming Arkham Knight video game. Arkham Knight is the fourth chapter in the Batman: Arkham video game series and is slated for a 2015 release, worldwide. If you’re a fan of the Arkham video game series, like we are, you’ll be thrilled to know that in Arkham Knight Batman will be able to take control of and drive the Batmobile for the first time.

The Arkham Knight Batmobile features two modes, pursuit and battle. In pursuit mode, the Batmobile’s main function is driving, however, in battle mode, the Batmobile converts into a mobile weapon system with a top-mounted Vulcan Canon and separating fenders and wheels that allow for 360-degree movement and strafing. Mattel was able to translates these features in their Arkham Knight Batmobile and also give it a natural menacing, rumbling sound created by rolling the wheels across most surfaces. The sound fits the Batmobile’s tank-like build perfectly.

Mattel’s Arkham Knight Batmobile also features a number of electronic sounds and lights. See our YouTube channel for a comprehensive video overview of the Arkham Knight Batmobile’s features. To start, batteries are included so all you need to do to activate the Batmobile’s electronics is to turn the  switch at the bottom of the Batmobile to the on position. The first thing you’ll notice is that changing the fenders / tires between pursuit and battle modes initiates a sound. Fully converting the Batmobile into battle mode by pressing down on the center, top of the Batmobile triggers the spring-loaded mechanism that pops the battle turret into place, extending the cannon and side guns. Both guns have unique sounds that are activated by pressing a button on the back of each respective gun. One gun features a machine gun sound effect with synchronous amber lights, while the other has a more powerful gatling gun sound effect with an amber light that will turn red and “overheat” if held too long. Pressing both buttons of the side guns together activates the sound for the Vulcan Cannon. On the back of the Batmobile is a button that activates the bight, white headlights and starts the engine. There are several engine sounds that cycle through using the rear button. The headlights and engine sounds can be activated in either battle or pursuit modes.

Included with that Batmobile is a Arkham Knight Batman figure. The figure is fully articulated and can be posed alongside the Batmobile or placed inside via the opening cockpit thanks to the cloth cape. The Batman figure fits into the driver’s seat nicely and has a great upright “driving” posture when seated reminiscent of Michael Keaton’s in 1989’s Batman. The cockpit has enough room to fit Mattel’s other DC Multiverse figures, so it’s not limited to the included Batman figure.

Finally, we wanted to touch on the packaging because it deserve mention. There is an outer slipcover with a handle that protects the inner window box. The outer box is dark and shows the Arkham Knight Batmobile from each side, including the top. Even the handle at the top has a Batman logo etched into it. When the outer slipcover is removed, the window box looks just as great with technical specs of the Batmobile shown on each side including more detailed blueprints on the back panel. It’s obvious a lot of attention went into the packaging when even the tabs that hold the window box into place are shaped in the Batman logo!

When a lot of companies are cutting corners and “downsizing” their vehicles or not offering any new vehicles at all, it’s great to see a figure compatible Batmobile with fully functioning lights and sounds from Mattel. We would have loved to see an additional engine light feature on the back afterburner, but are impressed with the quality of the lights and how bright the are, as well as the “overheating” feature on the gatling gun. As fans of the Batman: Arkham video game series, we’re certain this is the next Batmobile, in a long lineage, to achieve iconic status.

The Mattel DC Multiverse Arkham Knight Batmobile is available on, but supplies are limited and listed as “Almost Gone” so you shouldn’t wait if you’re looking to pick one up for your collection.


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