First Look: Masters of the Universe Giants Stratos

Mattel Masters of the Universe Giants Stratos

Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Giants line is getting bigger with the addition of Stratos, the winged warrior.

The third figure in Mattel’s Giants line, Stratos, is a mega-sized replica of the original 1982 figure with a few minor tweaks to ensure longevity. To preserve the functionality of the figure, Mattel added an updated take on the rubber band legs that connect the figure’s legs to the body. This time, rather than using a rubber band, which can get brittle over the years, Mattel went with an elastic cord. In addition to the elastic cord, a pair grooves in the inner thighs of each leg rest in extrusions in the figure’s lower torso. The engineering allows for articulation without compromising stability, as the roto-cast figure is quite heavy.

Stratos includes six points of articulation. The head, arms at the shoulders, legs at the hips and waist are all articulated. The figure’s wrists and boots appear to have articulation points, as a result of the way the figure is manufactured, but it’s not the case as the figure remains true to vintage form. Like the vintage figure, Mattel also included the classic waist twist power punch on the figure. The action feature works surprisingly well and I don’t get the feeling that it will break down over time as it did with some of the vintage figures.

Stratos is equipped with a removable wings and jet pack. The wings clasp around the biceps and clip into position at the wrists, while the jet pack has tabbed straps that harness over the shoulders on both sides and a clip at the belt. A fully equipped Giants Stratos dwarfs the Masters of the Universe Classics figure, putting into perspective just how giant these figures are. Mattel went with the blue wing / red jet pack variant of the figure, so there’s a possibility that a variant red wing / blue jet back could be in the works for the future.

Stratos comes packaged on an embiggened ’80s era Master of the Universe blister card. The reverse side of the card includes vintage-era watercolor art depicting other characters as a cross-sell with the disclaimer that “some characters shown may not be produced.” My only gripe with the packaging is that once you remove it from the blister, there’s not putting it back on the card, which is a trend we’re seeing more and more with larger scaled figures. Collectors will be glad to know that Mattel took precautions to ensure the card doesn’t get damaged in transit by including additional cardboard inside the shipper to fill the empty space created between the front of the blister and card.

Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Giants Stratos goes on sale at noon ET on Monday, November 17 exclusively on If you missed out on the Giants He-Man and Giants Skeletor figures, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase those as well. For a full list of items on sale this month, visit the November 2014 sales page.

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