First Look – DC Collectibles Batman Wood Figure

Wouldn’t you know it (terrible pun intended), DC Collectibles has found yet another way to bring your favorite superheroes to you in a unique and creative form; this time as wood figures.

DC’s Batman painted wood figure is a chunky block-stylized interpretation of the caped crusader that includes six points of articulation. Batman’s shoulders, hands and waist swivel, while the head rotates on a–this may be the first time I’ve ever used this term on an action figure–dowel joint. While the articulation is basic, what’s cool is that all of the articulated parts can be removed and swapped out with other figures in the line (Superman for now) creating some interesting amalgamations. If combining parts isn’t for you, the Batman wood figure also includes two additional heads that can be switched-out to give either a winking, confident expression or a comical defeated look complete with crossed bandages on the forehead portion of the cowl.

If you’re looking for a unique way to express your fandom that isn’t an action figure, want to geek out at work with a touch of sophistication or are looking to collect something new and distinctive, the DC Collectibles Batman wood figure is worth checking out. You can pre-order DC’s painted wooden figures, now, on DC Collectibles’ web shop for an anticipated March 15 release.

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