First Look at Pacific Rim Figures!

toy-news-and-talkDidn’t see this coming, but it seems the first images of Pacific Rim figures have surfaced. Thanks to @Shadowbreakr on Twitter two images of NECA‘s Pacific Rim Jaegers, the Gipsy Danger and Crimson Typhoon figures are available. Not sure where he found them, but here they are. It is also unknown if these are NECA‘s figures or another company. As far as I know at this time, NECA is the one licensed for “action figures.” There is also a third Jaeger figure yet to be unveiled. We’ll know more about all of them this weekend from Toy Fair.

UPDATE: Apparently these images are from the Pacific Rim Facebook page here.

pacific-rim-jaeger-gypsy-danger-figure pacific-rim-jaeger-crimson-typhoon-figure

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