First Look at Marvel NOW!’s Cable & X-Force #3

comic-book-newsMarvel has posted a preview of Marvel NOW! title, Cable & X-Force #3. Written by Dennis Hopeless, with art and cover by Salvador Larroca, you can check out the cover and three interior pages to the third issue. Will the team question Cable’s latest orders to attack a civilian facility? And where has Colossus been since the end of AvX? Look for this issue on sale Wednesday, January 9th, 2013.

Cable orders the team to attack a civilian company, but with his powers on the fritz will his judgment be brought into question? And see where the mighty Colossus has been since the end of “Avengers vs. X-Men”!

marvel-now-cable-and-the-x-force-3-cover marvel-now-cable-and-the-x-force-3-preview-page-00 marvel-now-cable-and-the-x-force-3-preview-page-01 marvel-now-cable-and-the-x-force-3-preview-page-02

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