First Look at Cybermen from Upcoming Doctor Who Series 7

television-news-and-talkLast week it was confirmed writer Neil Gaiman would be writing an upcoming episode of Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2. Then a few days ago, BBC confirmed that the Cybermen would be featured in Gaiman‘s episode. And now we get a first look at the updated Cybermen thanks to HealthyTowers who happened to stumble upon the filming of the episode. At first look, I think we should let Tony Stark know that the Cybermen have invaded his armory. I’m just kidding, I think it is a fantastic update. Has a nice mix of classic and modern feel to them. I’ve only mirrored a couple of images here, there are more over at HealthyTowers’ tumblr blog. (Source: DoctorWhoTV, via HealthyTowers)

doctor-who-series-7-cybermen-photo-by-healthytowers-01 doctor-who-series-7-cybermen-photo-by-healthytowers-02

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