First Live-Action ‘Gatchaman’ (G-Force) Teaser Trailer and Images!

hollywood-movie-newsThere have been rumblings over the last few years of getting a CGI-animated movie of Gatchaman done. Which seemed to fizzle away. Then rumors of a live-action movie surface. With little to no information it seemed it was not to happen again. Then late last year finally it seemed things were starting to happen when filming was announced and later a cast interview video popped up. Now today, we are treated to the first teaser trailer of the film. Based on the early ’70s anime series titled Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, which was retitled and severely edited for US television as Battle of the Planets.

The series was about a group of five young superhero ninja (wearing bird like outfits) who battled alien terrorists. It was a huge series in Japan, and became popular here as it was many fans first introduction to anime.

Now we fast forward to today, where our young superhero ninja agents have been a bit modernized (no longer bird like looking), must join forces as Gatchaman to put a stop to the evil terrorist organization Galactor in the live-action movie. Gatchaman will be out in Japan on August 24th, 2013, but no release date information for the US is available yet. There is an official website here to check out for other information. (Via Bleeding Cool)

gatchaman-live-action-characters gatchaman-live-action-team

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