The Final Reveal In The 481 Universe Expansion, the Visitor

toy-news-and-talkOver the weekend, I posted about the 481 Universe, which is on the verge of an expansion. Nicholas Merz has been hard at work on some new characters and they look fantastic. We’ve seen the earlier additions of Fed, Leyden, Celetroops and Browser-Bots. The next and last reveal is, the Visitor.

Visitor is another Outlander (another of Merz’s characters) sized head that is compatible with all available removable helmets for the Outlander figure. It is also his first step towards his ideal Female Glyos figure in the 481 Universe. In the future he hopes to create a more feminine body to go with the head sculpt, but in the meantime sharing with the existing tooling will be needed. Remember, these are only test shots, the actual production figures will include painted eyes and some other painted areas.

No release date on these new head sculpts and parts, but hopefully soon. Meanwhile, check out the images of the head sculpt below. (Source: 481 Universe)

481-universe-visitor-sneak-peek 481-universe-visitor-sneak-peek-comparison

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