Filling In The Ranks with Ggrapptikk, In Latest Power Lords In-Hand Images

toy-news-and-talkIt’s Friday and we have the final review of the Power Lords from Kaster’s Korner to check out. The last figure in the Four Horsemen’s first wave of figures is, Ggrapptikk. Filling the ranks of Ggripptogg’s army, the Ggrapptikk shares the same body as Ggrabbtargg, but comes with a different and interchangeable head. With the different options available to custom through the Glyos System, this will be a great addition to the Power Lords collections.

I’ve mirrored a few the images below, there are almost three dozen more images of Ggrapptikk to check out over at Kaster’s Korner. The first figures from the Power Lords line is available for pre-order starting today for Power Club members. They will hopefully start shipping the next Friday, May 30th. Stay tuned for the next in-hand review of the Power Lords line. (Source: Kaster’s Korner)

Power-Lords-Ggrapptikk-001 Power-Lords-Ggrapptikk-003 Power-Lords-Ggrapptikk-005 Power-Lords-Ggrapptikk-011 Power-Lords-Ggrapptikk-019 Ggrapptikk

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