Figma Virtua Fighter Figures Announced by Good Smile Company

Figma Virtua Fighter Sarah Bryant and Akira YukiGood Smile Company is taking us back to 1993 and the world’s first 3D fighting game with the latest additions to their Figma line, polygon-styled Sarah Bryant and Akira Yuki figures from Sega’s Virtua Fighter.

Sarah Bryant
Good Smile Company’s Sarah Bryant Figma figure features hyper-articulation allowing the figure to be posed in Sarah’s classic attacks such as her signature somersault kick. Sarah includes a variety of interchangeable hands to recreate her various moves and a standard and shouting expression are also included. A Figma stand, for dynamic posing comes with the figure, which is priced ¥4,500 ($38) and scheduled for a Sept. release.

Akira Yuki
The Figma Akira Yuki stands in at 5.9 inches tall, making him slightly taller than the 5.7 inch Sarah Bryant figure. Like Sarah, Akira is hyper-articulated making it easy to pose him in his signature Tetsuzankou attack. Akira comes with standard and shouting expressions, a variety of interchangeable hands, and a Figma stand. Akira is also priced ¥4,500 ($38) and scheduled for release in Sept.

Pre-orders for both the Figma Sarah Bryant and Akira Yuki figures are being taken now. Good Smile Company notes that Player 2 color versions of both Sarah and Akira are planned for a later date and they’re included them as a teaser in their product photos.

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