FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 1, A Retrospective

This past Sunday night was the season finale for the Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) Season 1. This was a short season as it only contained six episodes. Definitely not enough episodes to really get into the “meat” of the story for something like this show. We spent the first couple of episodes being introduced to some of the characters, with just teases of the zombie outbreak.

Then the next few episodes were spent learning more about these characters and what makes them tick. The fourth episode didn’t have one walker throughout the hour-long episode. By the fifth episode things started to ramp up as military was showing their true colors and abandoning the citizens they were once protecting.

And in the finale, chaos ensued. There was definitely some poor and questionable choices made the entire time. Some of which had their consequences.

The Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 definitely could have used more episodes. At least another two, to balance the storyline out and bring the audience deeper into the start of the outbreak. The same thing could have been said about The Walking Dead’s first season. Thankfully that was corrected with a longer second season, the same thing has been done for Fear The Walking Dead which will have a 15-episode second season.

So let’s break it down…

The Good: More zombies! It is a backstory to the world of The Walking Dead all while giving us new characters and stories.

The Bad: Too short a season for this kind of drama. They could have dropped a few more hints into the cause for the outbreak, maybe not revealing the exact cause, but just enough to get fans to bite.

Overall, Fear The Walking Dead isn’t bad. I think it just had a rough start is all. This is common with a lot of TV. It just needed to find its legs. Having a lead-in to The Walking Dead is pretty great too.

For those looking for more, AMC has posted the first part of their FTWD micro-series online, future chapters will air during commercial breaks of The Walking Dead. This is meant to be a tie-in between the two shows as there will be some events unfolding during it that will have some relation to the events of The Walking Dead. Also one of the characters in this series will survive and become a regular cast member of FTWD in Season 2.

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