‘Fast and Furious 7′ Gets A New Release Date

hollywood-movie-newsI’m actually kind of surprised, yet not at the same time. Universal Studios has given Fast and Furious 7 a new release date today. First shared with fans by Vin Diesel on his Facebook page tonight, he announced that April 10, 2015 will be the new date. Originally been set for July 11, 2014, this date change comes after Paul Walker‘s sad and unfortunate death in a car crash on November 30th.

How they are going to finish the film without Walker remains to be seen and it will certainly be a little creepy. This isn’t the first time Hollywood has done something like this, so I guess it was to be expected. At least they are giving family and friends some grieving time before cashing in on his name. Vin Diesel also shared an image of what he says is the last scene Walker filmed before his death. Fast and Furious 7 will now be heading to theaters on April 10, 2015. (Source: Facebook)


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