Fantastic Four Movie Concept Art Shows What Could Have Been A Horrifying Thing and Dr. Doom

hollywood-movie-newsThe first Fantastic Four (2005) movie could have had a totally different look if production followed through with the concept art done by artist Steven Johnson. Back in 2000, Steven Johnson had worked up some concept sketches of his take on the Thing and Doctor Doom, and to say things could have been horrifying is an understatement. If fans get upset when studios take a few liberties with their favorite characters, like black leather uniforms, then they might have flipped out over these. The Thing in some of the drawings has more of an uneven look to his appearance. Almost like tumors. And the Doctor Doom is so far removed from what the character is, it doesn’t even look anything remotely close to him. I’ve mirrored a few images below, but hit up to check out a few more images. (Source: ComicBookMovie)

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