FansToys FT-03 “NOT Shockwave” Protoype Color Test Shots Image

toy-news-and-talkThe third-party Transformers market is usually one that fills the gaps that Hasbro or Takara leave open. Producing characters that haven’t been redone since their Generation 1 incarnation or even never have had a figure ever done. Then there are the times that third-party manufacturers tackle popular characters that have seen multiple releases (a very thin line to travel). One such instance is the upcoming FanToys FT-03 “NOT Shockwave” figure. This is a Masterpiece scale and detail figure, and FansToys have released an image, albeit low res, of a couple of prototype color test shots. I don’t think you could ask for something more true to the original G1 Shockwave, but with a nice update to it. Check out the image below and look for this figure in 2013. (Via Full Metal Hero)

UPDATE 12/28: Added two new clearer images of the purple FT-03 NOT Shockwave prototype color test shot. It also shows they were/are experimenting with different colored hands, note the silver and metallic purple. (Via FHM)

fanstoys-shockwave-prototype-color-test-shots fanstoys-not-shockwave-prototype-color-shot-purple-01 fanstoys-not-shockwave-prototype-color-shot-purple-02

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