FansToys Announces Unofficial Insecticons, First Up Grenadier (Not-Bombshell)

Third-party Transformers maker FansToys has announced a new project, FT12 Grenadier (Not-Bombshell). This is the first of three planned (Not-) Insecticons. As you can see, these are pretty faithful to the G1 cartoon designs, at least to me they do. The first figure, Grenadier looks great. It stands 14cm (5.33 inches). tall. There will also be 2 different chest covers, 2 sets of alt mode feet. There will be two versions, FT12 (grey chest) and FT12T (purple chest). No word on pricing or availability yet, hopefully we learn both soon. Thanks to Philip Reed for the heads up on this, my wallet thanks you. (Via TFW2005)

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