FansProject Not-Menasor Combiner Revealed

toy-news-and-talkThanks to an unknown source, Full Metal Hero has acquired some images of prototypes for the upcoming FansProject Not-Stunticons that form the Not-Menasor Combiner. The images show both the combined form and five individual Not-Stunticons that make it up. The Not-Motormaster alt-mode is to-scale with the car alt-modes of the other Not-Stunticons. So this is going to be a pretty tall figure once combined. The Not-Menasor Combiner parts can be stored in the Not-Motormaster‘s trailer. I haven’t seen a price for this set yet (at least that I’ve found), but I would expect it to be somewhere around $250–$300 US. (Source: FMH)

fansproject-not-menasaur-stunticons-prototypes-01 fansproject-not-menasaur-stunticons-prototypes-02

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  • Ss210

    I think i need a change of boxers lol, looks nice! I will buy