Falcon To Take Over As Captain America?

comic-book-newsSo the Marvel comic fans are in an outrage. This past Friday, Marvel let it out that there would be a new Captain America. That’s right, Steve Rogers is no longer able to take up the mantle as Cap. After a fight with the Iron Nail that drained him of the Super Soldier Serum, Rogers is now the equivalent of a 90-year-old man.

So now it seems that Sam Wilson, also known as Falcon, will be taking over the reigns. It looks like it was sneakily revealed at the end of May 2014, when Marvel released the cover to Avengers #35. The cover shows a future Avengers, and standing next to a frail Steve Rogers appears to be a Sam Wilson in a Falcon-Captain America hybrid outfit.

Some times you need to shake things up, but this always seems to get some all bent out of shape. A few might even call it an unpatriotic thing to do. To those I say, get your head out of your butt. These are comics and fictional characters. If you don’t like the now, there is always the past. (Source: Marvel & Newsarama)

captain-america-25-cover marvel-comics-avengers-35-cover

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