Eon Quest Kickstarter, Vintage Inspsired 5.5” Collectible Action Figures

A new Kickstarter project for another line of action figures has been launched. The line is called Eon Quest. It is a line of 5.5″ action figures similar to the vintage ’80s lines like Masters of the Universe, Warlord, Galaxy Fighters and others. The Kickstarter will include the first series in this new line. It features two heroes: Starbreaker and Uplink, and three villains: Captain Wolfmoon, Magmoid Captain and Magmoid henchmen.

They are looking for $70,000 in funding, and right now are sitting around $4,000. You can get one figure starting at $33, or all six for $130. Currently there is only one stretch goal, if they make it to $85,000 in funding, which will unlock a Yellow Magmoid variant. There are other pledge options with a variety of offerings. There are 29 days left to back the Eon Quest Kickstarter project.

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