Entertainment Earth Exclusive Predator Thermal Bust Bank From Diamond Select Toys Announced

Entertainment Earth announced today a new exclusive to their site, Predator Thermal Bust Bank From Diamond Select Toys. Normally the thermal images are from that of the Predator‘s perspective of humans, but this money-saving bust bank turns that around and puts the Predator under the thermal imagery equipment.

The sculpt is by Eli Livingston, whom has perfectly captured the fan favorite alien monster hunter. Ideal for protecting your money. The Predator Thermal Bust Bank is limited to 3,000 pieces and priced at $22.99. It will be available in March 2016. Pre-orders yours today!

If the Thermal Bust Bank version is not for you, then perhaps you might be interested in the regular Predator Unmasked Bust Bank version. Pre-orders are available for this as well and it is expected to ship in October.

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