Duck Tape Selects Tron Entry as Winner of Crowdsourced Video Contest

Duck Brand has announced Duck Tron as the winning entry of their “Stuck On Duck” crowdsourced video contest.

The winning 30-second spot features a stop-motion recreation of the light cycle battle from Disney’s 1982 sci-fi film Tron using multi-color rolls of the fix-anything tape. The project was produced by Ryan Pamplin of San Francisco ad agency Ryactive and features a cameo with web-celeb Jay Maynard, who’s better known as Tron Guy. Maynard earned the nickname Tron Guy after posting photos of himself in a homemade electroluminescent costume styled after the film’s programs. While the costume itself was revolutionary, it was the form-fitted “adhesion” on Maynard’s pear-shaped physique that earned him notoriety.

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