Dragon Shiryu and Cancer Deatmask Are The Next Figures In Tamashii’s Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation Line

Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation Cancer DeathmaskTamashii Nations continues the pattern of pairing combatants in their Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation line confirming a concurrent release of Bronze Saint Dragon Shiryu and Gold Saint as the next figures in the line.

Tamashii’s Saint Seiya Dynamic Diorama (D.D.) Panoramation figures stand in a 4-inch scale and include diorama pieces that combine to form the Sanctuary from the ’80s Saint Seiya anime series.

The Dragon Shiryu figure will include three unique facial expressions, the ability to display Shiryu with or without a helmet, two sets of interchangeable hands and a rising dragon effect, besides the Sanctuary dio parts. Gold Saint Cancer Deathmask, like previously released Gold Saints in the D.D. Panoramation line, comes with a more deluxe form of the Sanctuary diorama and includes the entrance to the Cancer chamber. Deathmask comes with two interchangeable expressions, the ability to display the figure with or without a helmet, an effect for Deathmask’s signature move–the Praesepe Underworld Wave–and the faces of the enemies of justice whom Deathmask previously defeated.

Shiryu and Deathmask are priced ¥6,480 ($65) and ¥3,888 ($38) each, respectively. Both figures were recently featured in the latest issue of Figure Oh! magazine in Japan and are scheduled for release in Jan.

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