Don’t Call It A Comeback, But ‘Young Justice’ Is To Appear In An Episode of ‘Teen Titans GO!’

television-tv-news-and-talkMany fans still feel the pain from Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network cancelling one of the best animated series ever, Young Justice. Well it looks like they will be returning for one more outing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be exactly what many of us would want. It has been revealed that Young Justice will appear in an upcoming episode of Teen Titans GO!

Newsarama has reached out to Warner Bros. Animation to confirm this information, and they have said it is official. Young Justice will return some time this year. Though no real details were revealed, especially in how the animation will be handled for these two different styles, they did share this description of the episode.

“After being scolded by the superhero team from Young Justice for their silliness and hijinks, the Titans decide to get more serious about superheroing.”

I do wonder how this will work considering that Robin (Dick Grayson and Tim Drake) and Beast Boy were on Young Justice. It is also said that Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti who created the Young Justice animated series for Cartoon Network, will not be involved in this crossover. Not exactly how I would like to see them return, but I will still be keeping an eye out for this episode. (Source: Newsarama)

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