Does The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Credits Reveal The Sinister Six Line-up?

hollywood-movie-newsIn what has become tradition for Marvel movies, the after credits scenes are something fans look forward to. Well apparently The Amazing Spider-Man 2 won’t have any credits scenes that pertain to Spider-Man or Sony’s corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There will be an X-Men: Days of Future Past scene shown in an agreement with Fox, but that will be it. Or is it?

Apparently Sony has teamed up with Shazam for a promotion. You know that app on your phone you use to identify music. Any ways, if you use Shazam during the credits of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, you will be sent six teaser images. Did you catch that? Six images. What are the images? Well how about teasers for the Sinister Six! There is one for Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio (or possibly Chameleon), Rhino and Vulture. All are of high-tech gear that we are introduced to in Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Oscorps plans being unveiled.

If you don’t want to wait for the credits to check out the teaser images, then look below in the gallery as has already done the work for us. So what do you think? Does this have you excited for a Sinister Six movie? Or this just a bad idea from the beginning? (Source: ComingSoon)

sinister-six-teaser-doc-ock sinister-six-teaser-green-goblin sinister-six-teaser-kraven-the-hunter sinister-six-teaser-mysterio-or-chameleon sinister-six-teaser-rhino sinister-six-teaser-vulture

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