Doctor Who 3.75″ Figures and Playsets Coming in 2013!

toy-news-and-talkStarting next year, you will be able to have Doctor Who interact with your Star Wars, Marvel Universe, G.I. Joe, or other 3.75″ (1/18th scale) action figures. According to The Doctor Who Site, there will be a new 3.75″ line of figures and playsets coming in 2013. The current running 5-inch line will continue, but will feature classic characters only. New characters will be featured in the new 3.75″ line.

The current 5 inch figure range

  • The Classic series figure range will stay the same scale, 5 inches.
  • No more new series figures will be made in the 5 inch range.
  • Rory was the final new series figure to be made for the 5 inch scale range, although there may be re-releases (Like the B&M Dalek and Cybermen sets).

The new 3.75 inch figure range

  • The new scale range will be 3.75 inches which is industry standard. This means the toys will be more compatible with other ranges.
  • There are no plans to release already existing figures in the new scale range. (Excluding Daleks and Weeping angels seen in series 7)
  • Photos of the range will not be released until next year.
  • There is a possibility [of] stands if costs allow but priority will be given to the figures.

So if you are a Doctor Who fan, and a fan of the highly popular “industry standard” of 3.75″ figures and playsets, then this should be some exciting news. I know I’m pretty excited for these. Thanks to Zedhatch for the heads up on the info. (Source: The Doctor Who Site)

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