[RUMOR] Doctor Strange Movie Villains Revealed!?!

hollywood-movie-newsOver at Latino-Review.com they are reporting an exclusive report on Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Phase 3 Doctor Strange movie. They are saying with 100% confirmation, the villains for the movie, and according to this report, there will be three villains from the pages of Doctor Strange. Up first is Dormammu, the most powerful mystical entity in the Marvel universe. He is considered Doctor Strange‘s most terrifying foe. With Dormammu, will be Karl Mordo (aka Baron Mordo), another of Strange‘s biggest and powerful enemies. Lastly, The Mindless Ones. These extra-dimensional creatures are summed through magic and do the bidding of others. It sounds like Doctor Strange will have his hands full! So what do you think? (Source: Latino-Review.com)

dormammu baron-karl-mordo giant-mindless-one

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