Do New ‘Star Wars 1313′ Screenshots, Hint at Next-Gen Consoles by End of 2013?

video-games-gaming-newsNew screenshots from the highly anticipated Star Wars 1313 video game have surfaced. And what they show is a highly detailed game. These are not cut scenes, but real gameplay images. So even though there hasn’t been any real confirmation of next-gen consoles for 2013 yet, these screenshots are pointing to the possibility of that happening by the end of this year. Coincidently, co-editor SS210 wrote today what he would like to see in the next generation consoles, check that out here. And don’t forget to check out the Star Wars 1313 screenshots below, it looks amazing so far.
(Source: Mail Online)

star-wars-1313-video-game-screenshot-01 star-wars-1313-video-game-screenshot-02 star-wars-1313-video-game-screenshot-03

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