[RUMOR] Disney Planning to Release Original Cut of the Star Wars Trilogy on Blu-ray

hollywood-movie-newsSeems that most Star Wars news these days is just rumors. Adding to that pile is another rumor from Comicbook.com. They are reporting from two different sources, that Disney is looking to release the original Star Wars trilogy — A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi — in their complete, unaltered, original forms on Blu-ray.

So no unnecessary special effects or unneeded new scenes of the special editions. Surely for those fans that were not happy with those late ’90s special editions, this will be a warm welcome. There is no release date mentioned, but with Star Wars Episode VII heading to theaters December 18th, 2015, I would suspect if Disney is doing this, it will be very soon. (Source: Comicbook.com)

star-wars-a-new-hope-original-poster star-wars-empire-strikes-back-original-poster star-wars-return-of-the-jedi-original-poster

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  • Dakemesh

    I’ve been hoping for this to be true since Disney bought out Lucas. The one major problem is Fox supposedly holds the theatrical and home rights to Star Wars Ep IV forever. V and VI revert to Lucas (and therefore Disney) in 2020, but not IV.

    • That is true, which is why it is just a rumor. As big as Disney is, it is possible they worked something out. Guess only time will tell.