Disney Infinity Discontinued

Disney InfinityThe endless fun is coming to an end.

In a meeting with investors, today, Disney confirmed it will cease production of its Infinity interactive gaming toy business because the model was dragging down its bottom line. The shutdown will cost the company $147 million. Despite the shutdown, Disney will still release the Infinity character sets for Alice Through the Looking Glass and Finding Dory, but the Infinity sets planned for Star Wars: Rogue One will not be released.

Disney also announced that it will pull out of publishing games in-house in favor of third party licesnsing. This means that in-house studios, such as Infinity developer Avalanche studio in Utah, will permanently close their doors. The move positions Disney to focus less on console gaming, instead putting a greater emphasis on mobile gaming. Avalanche estimates close to 300 jobs will be cut.

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  • SS21O

    That is truly sad news . I’ve been a Disney Infinity supporter since the original. The figures were cool and the games were fun, though a bit too simple .

    • I’m surprised they didn’t go this route from the start. Everyone saw Activision’s success with Skylanders and they jumped on the idea, but they all went to market around the same time and oversaturated the toy aisles. I’m pretty sure amiibo are thriving because they keep selling out. Maybe Disney will find a way to integrate with some of Nintendo’s games, which would be cool.