Disney CEO Iger Confirms Indiana Jones Movie is Coming

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark fertility idol swapDisney CEO Bob Iger confirmed we haven’t heard the last from Indian Jones, in an interview with Bloomberg Business.

Speaking about the box office success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Iger said he believes the strength of Disney’s intellectual property lies in great storytelling “…and obviously with George Lucas’ Star Wars and Indiana Jones, by the way, as well, which will be coming, we have more great stories.”

While rumors have suggested that Chris Pratt was a frontrunner to take over the fedora, director Steven Spielberg told Screen that he “will never replace Harrison Ford in the title role.”

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  • SS21O

    I agree with Spielberg, Ford needs to do it one more time. That man is the last of a dying breed in Hollywood.

    • He was pretty bad in KotCS, which was a disaster in itself. If they revisit Indy, they need to take the same route they took with The Force Awakens in terms of practical effects and story that is a little more compelling. A kid swinging through a jungle full of monkeys or a raft going over a waterfall excessively isn’t good storytelling, it’s pointless special effects. The effects need to support the story and not the other way around.