Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Series 1 Basic Figures Arriving In TRU Stores

Diamond Select Toys new Ghostbusters Series of action figures are now arriving in U.S. Toys R Us stores. These are the Series 1 Basic Assortment which features Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddemore and Louis Tully 7-inch action figures. These figure do not come with the rooftop dio pieces that the Select versions will have. So they are priced a few dollars less than the standard $24.99 of the Select versions. So if you don’t need to have the rooftop dio display, then start checking your local TRU stores for the Ghostbusters Series 1 Basic Asst., then in early 2016 look for the Ghostbusters Select Series 1 Asst. at your local comic shops and specialty stores.

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  • William Bruce West

    “Few dollars less”? They’re currently half the price of the ones with the base pieces. That diorama just isn’t worth the money to me. I’ve seen some folks post shelf tags of $19.99, but I got mine for $12.99 each at my TRU

    • The MSRP and what you can find the figures for on sale varies. We’re basing our report on the MSRP since pricing isn’t always consistent regionally. In that case, the difference is truly a few dollars depending on where you’re purchasing from.

    • Well when I said a few, I meant around $5 to $6. Guess I should have just said that instead. I couldn’t remember the exact price o the Basic Asst. figures. Don’t think I have bought any, but if they can be found at $12.99, then that is a no-brainer. Dio piece or not. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Barbecue17

    My Toys ‘R Us had the Diamond Nightmare Before Christmas figures without bases for 12.99 as well. I bought Oogie Boogie since he is exactly the same as the standard version. I really want that rooftop base, though.

    But gosh, these figures look to blow Mattel’s out of the water. look at the accessories!