Diamond Select Toys’ ‘Expendables 2′ 7-Inch Figures In Stores January 9th!

toy-news-and-talkIn specialty stores and comic shops next Wednesday, January 9th, are the Diamond Select Toys’ Expendables 2 Series 1 figures. These 7-inch figures are based on the Barney Ross, Hale Caesar and Gunner Jensen characters from the Expendables 2 movie. While you wait, check out the gallery of images below, and look for these on sale next week.

dst-expendables-barney-ross-beret dst-expendables-barney-ross-with-beret dst-expendables-gunner-jensen dst-expendables-barney-ross dst-expendables-hale-caesar dst-expendables-caesar-hale dst-expendables-hal-caeser dst-expendables-packaging-back dst-expendables-barney-ross dst-expendables-gunner-jensen dst-expendables-barney-ross-beret

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