Diamond Select Toys Announces New Gotham Select, Minimates and Pint Glasses

Over at TV Insider today, Diamond Select Toys has announced some new Gotham collectibles. These new collectibles join the first series of Gotham items from Diamond Select which should be arriving at retailers very soon. Up first in the newly announced items are Gotham Select Series 2 7-inch figures. Included in this series are Alfred Pennyworth, who comes with the Wayne Manor fireplace; Edward Nygma and his desk; and Harvey Bullock, packaged with an alleyway dumpster set which is designed to connect with the Series 1 Jim Gordon dio display piece. The Gotham Select Series 2 figures will retail for $24.99 each.

Following the new Select figures comes the Gotham Minimates Series 2 Box Set. The set will include 2-inch Minimate versions of Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Alfred and Oswald Cobblepot. It is priced at $24.99.

Lastly in thee announce Gotham collectibles is a pair of pint glasses. Whether you want to enjoy a nice pint of your favorite beverage, or just put them on display, these pint glasses will make great additions to your collection. There are two glasses, one features the GCPD emblem on it, the other features the skeletal logo from Fish Mooney’s bar. The Gotham Pint Glasses are $10.99 each.

There is no specific release date given for these Gotham collectibles, just to look for them at retailers later this year.

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