Diamond Select Reveals “Mystery” Marvel Minimates Iron Man 3 TRU Exclusive Sets

toy-news-and-talkDiamond Select Toys finally unveiled the “mystery” Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Minimates Iron Man 3 Set today. They have shared figure and packaging images of all the other Marvel Minimates Iron Man 3 figure so far, but this “mystery” set was held off until now. The set includes the iconic Mark 33 Enhanced Energy Suit “Silver Centurion” Armor and the black and gold Mark 41 Skeleton Suit “Bones” Armor. Also shown is the new Mark 17 Artillery Level RT “Heartbreaker” Armor we got a look at last week with the Iron Man 3 Armor Unlock reveals on Facebook. These will be Toys R Exclusives, and will be available later this month, or early next. (Source: Facebook)

UPDATED 4/5: Added “Heartbreaker” images to post.

dst-marvel-mini-mates-iron-man-3-silver-centurion-and-skeleton-armor-set dst-marvel-mini-mates-iron-man-3-silver-centurion-armor dst-marvel-mini-mates-iron-man-3-silver-centurion-armor-control-art dst-marvel-mini-mates-iron-man-3-skeleton-armor dst-marvel-mini-mates-iron-man-3-skeleton-armor-control-art dst-marvel-minimates-iron-man-3-heartbreaker-armor-and-tony-stark-set dst-marvel-minimates-iron-man-3-heartbreaker-armor dst-marvel-minimates-iron-man-3-heartbreaker-armor-art

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