Diamond Select Gives A First Look at Valiant Minimates “Battle Damaged” Figures

Today Diamond Select Toys has unveiled two new Valiant Minimates. These two “Battle Damaged” figures, featuring a bloodied Bloodshot along with, the armor-wearing X-O Manowar, will be featured in 2-pack available through comic shops, specialty stores and online retailers. As you can see, the Bloodshot figure features head when turned around features a bloodied faceless Bloodshot. The X-O Manowar features a bearded face option and the armor in sphere form.

In October of last year during the New York Comic Con a shirtless version of Bloodshot and a helmeted X-O Manowar were shown. Those figures are still scheduled to be released, but through an unnamed exclusive retailer. Each Valiant Minimates 2-pack will be priced at $9.99 and available later this year. (Source: CBR)

dst-valiant-ent-minimates-bloodshot-and-x-o-manowar dst-valiant-ent-minimates-bloodshot-figure dst-valiant-ent-minimates-x-o-manowar-figure

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