Devon Aoki Cast as Katana for ‘Arrow’ Season 3!

television-news-and-talkSome Arrow casting news has been reported this evening. According to Deadline, actress Devon Aoki (Sin City, 2 Fast 2 Furious) has been cast as Tatsu Yamashiro. In the DC Comics, Yamashiro is also known as Katana.

According to the report, “[i]n Arrow, Tatsu will be one of Oliver’s mentors in the flashbacks and a critical influence on his journey to eventually become The Arrow of present day.” Wonder if this will be another person in Oliver’s past that will come to haunt him in present day?

I also wonder which Katana we will get? Will she be anything like the current one, who is mentally unstable and talks to her sword, which she says has the soul of her dead husband within. Probably not, but would make for a great character on TV. (Source: Deadline)

devon-aoki-photo dc-comics-katana dc-comics-new-52-katana

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