Details for Two LEGO 2014 Marvel Super Heroes Avengers Assemble Sets

toy-news-and-talkThanks to Eurobricks, we have some details for two LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets for 2014. Details suggest that these sets will be based on the animated Avengers Assemble series. The first set is called Captain America vs. Hydra #76017 and should retail for $19.99. The set includes an olive green 8-wheeled Hydra tank vehicle, and include minifigures of Captain America, Red Skull and a Hydra Agent.

The other set that has been discovered is called Hulk’s Laboratory #76018. The set features a prison cell with a yellow robot drone with four legs and includes minifigures of the Hulk, MODOK, Falcon, Thor, and possibly Taskmaster. This set should retail for $59.99. Hopefully we’ll have some more details and images of these sets soon. (Source: Eurobricks via BrickFan)

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