Deathstroke on ‘Arrow’ Tonight! Plus Count Vertigo Coming this Season!

television-news-and-talkJust a reminder here that on tonight’s episode of Arrow it will features a very familiar DC Comics’ character, Deathstroke! The infamous mercenary will be debuting and hopefully be playing an important part in the series for Oliver Queen.

Episode Description:

Oliver is arrested for murder and insists that Laurel defend him, putting her at odds with her father. However, when Oliver offers to take a polygraph test, Laurel asks him if there was anyone else on the island… and the vigilante remembers his first encounter with the mercenary Deathstroke.

The latest news for the Arrow TV series is that yet another DC character will be appearing on the show, and will become a major antagonist for Oliver Queen. This latest character is Count Vertigo. Though reports are saying he probably won’t be called Count Vertigo, or look as he has before. But it will be the character in other ways. It is also being said that the drug that is being talked about a lot on the show might be called “Vertigo.” So keep a look out for this addition to the show very soon. (Source: CBR’s Spinoff)


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