Deadpool Gets All Wordy In Marvel’s DEADPOOL: PAWS Prose Novel

Joining the Ant-Man: Natural Enemy prose novel, comes the second book announced from Marvel Comics, Deadpool: Paws. Announced this past Friday, Marvel has unveiled their latest prose novel, and ironically very fitting for the Merc With a Mouth too. You know, being all wordy and such.

In Deadpool: Paws, something is turning the city’s dogs into giant, bloodthirsty killing machines. And Deadpool is charged with taking care of business. Only thing is – Deadpool likes dogs. This proves to be quite the dilemma for Deadpool.

I have to say this will be quite interesting to see how it turns out. Especially considering how Deadpool breaks the fourth wall all the time. Deadpool: Paws is written by Stefan Petrucha and it will go on Sale August 5, 2015.


Source: Marvel

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