DC Universe Club Infinite Earths Fails to Get Enough Subscribers, So Now What?

toy-news-and-talkYesterday marked the deadline for Mattel’s 2014 subscription services for Masters of the Universe Classics, Club Eternia, plus DC Universe Club Infinite Earths and the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Pre-order. Mattel announced the subscription totals today, not sure if it was really any surprise, but Club Eternia was able to get the numbers (and then some) for what they needed to move ahead for 2014. But sadly, Club Infinite Earths and the Ecto-1 Pre-order did not. Club Infinite Earths only reached 63%, not even close enough for Level 1, the minimum needed. And Mattel priced themselves out of it with the Ecto-1 which barely mustered a 38%.

So what does this mean for DC Universe? Well according to Mattel:

It may be possible to release a few DCU figures quarterly, or to release 12 figures at higher non-subscription prices. Or, we may have to say a final goodbye to this line at the end of this year. Without the sub, we just don’t know what’s possible at this point. Over the next few months we’ll be meeting internally and with all of our partners at Warner Bros., DC Comics, and Sony, and we’ll let you know as soon as we can what our options are.

So things don’t look good for DC Universe collectors. Will DC Collectibles be stepping up? Problem is they are a different scale than DCU with 7-inch figures compared to Mattel’s 6-inch figures. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Mattel decides to do after they have their meetings. What are you thoughts on this?

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