DC Nation March 2nd, 2013 Green Lantern & Young Justice Images and Video Clips

television-news-and-talkWe have for you some images and video clips of this weekend’s DC Nation episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice: Invasion. This week in Green Lantern, Hal Jordan and crew have returned to Oa and they are still trying find a way to stop Aya. And in Young Justice, the team must find a way to save Blue Beetle from The Reach. Check out some screenshots and video clips of both of these episodes below. Tune into DC Nation on a Saturday morning at 10am EST on Cartoon Network. (Source: Nick and More & Toon Zone)

Green Lantern: The Animated Series – “Scarred”
Back on Oa, the crew of The Interceptor follow a series of clues which span across the galaxy, uncovering information about the mysterious “Science Director”, Aya’s secret origin, and how to put a stop to her destruction.

Young Justice: Invasion – “Intervention”
The team embarks on a desperate endeavor to free Blue Beetle!

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