DC Comic’s “What’s New In The New 52″ Featuring Lobo’s New Look and All I Can Say Is WTF!?!

comic-book-newsI know this was discussed earlier today on Twitter, the reaction was a bit on the rage side and I don’t blame them one bit. According to DC Comics, the Lobo you think you know doesn’t exist. So what does that mean exactly?

It means that DC is just throwing out everything you may have known and possibly liked about “The Main Man.” But you might be saying, didn’t Lobo already appear in the New 52? Isn’t he pretty much the Lobo we already knew? Well it seems like that will not be the case. In Justice League #23.2: Lobo, we find out he is not, but someone who has taken the real Lobo’s name.

And here is where the rage comes in, and for once in this whole New 52 revamping, I really think DC has done wrong. They say they put a lot of thought into the redesign, but I have to say they missed the mark. They shared four designs by artist, Kenneth Rocafort, and they certainly look great. Just not as Lobo. At least the final design. I think they had the right idea with the second design. It looks like a barbaric space warrior, which is what Lobo pretty much is at the core. But what DC settled on is some emo looking skin bag that certainly shouldn’t be called Lobo.

Sorry DC, I was behind you on the majority of your redesigns, but I truly feel they went with the wrong decision this time. What do you think? (Source: DC Comics)

dc-comics-new-52-lobo-redesign-version-a dc-comics-new-52-lobo-redesign-version-b dc-comics-new-52-lobo-redesign-version-c dc-comics-new-52-lobo-redesign-version-d

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