DC Comics to Relaunch Suicide Squad and Teen Titans In July

comic-book-newsYesterday and today, DC Comics announced that they will be relaunching both Teen Titans and Suicide Squad this July. Following their cancellations of their current volumes later this month and next; both books will return with new creative teams and new direction.

For Teen Titans writer Will Pfeifer will be joined by fan-favorite artist, Kenneth Rocafort, bringing together an a new line-up which will consist of Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker, and Beast Boy. You can read an interview with Pfeifer, who discusses the new direction for the book. Teen Titans relaunches in July.

And over in Suicide Squad, the relaunched title will be helmed by writer Sean Ryan and artist Jeremy Roberts. The new team will consist of the Joker’s Daughter, Deathstroke, and Black Manta. They will be joined by what looks like Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller and Deadshot. This series will pick up after the events of Forever Evil. You can read a brief interview with Roberts here. Suicide Squad #1 will arrive on July 9th. (Source: Newsarama & IGN)

dc-comics-new-52-suicide-squad-2014-relaunch dc-comics-new-52-teen-titans-2014-relaunch

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