DC Comics Multiverse 4″ Figures from Mattel Coming January 2014

toy-news-and-talkNow I thought I remembered something mentioned earlier of these figures, but details now escape me. And I’m sure someone will tell me this is old news, but that is just fine, let them. This is still pretty much new to me and I’m sure to others as well. Mattel is doing a line of 4-inch DC Universe figures again. Even though their 6-inch DC line didn’t get the subscriptions needed to proceed for 2014, it looks like the 4-inch DC Comics Multiverse line will still be heading our way.

As listed here on Entertainment Earth, there looks to be six figures coming in January 2014. These first figures are based around the Batman: Arkham video games series, with figures based on Arkham City and the upcoming Arkham Origins. Listed are Batman (Arkham City), Mr. Freeze (Arkham City), Azrael (Arkham City), Bane (Arkham Origins), Deadshot (Arkham Origins), and “Armored” Batman (Arkham City). Each figure is priced at $11.99, which sadly is starting to become the norm for a 4-inch figure. You can place your pre-orders or wait and see what kind or retail presence these have.

UPDATE 9/10: Online retailer BigBadToyStore has them listed now too. They are priced at $9.99 each. The pre-orders are here.

mattel-dc-comics-multiverse-arkham-city-batman-4-inch-figure mattel-dc-comics-multiverse-arkham-city-mr-freeze-4-inch-figure mattel-dc-comics-multiverse-arkham-city-azrael-4-inch-figure mattel-dc-comics-multiverse-arkham-origins-bane-4-inch-figure mattel-dc-comics-multiverse-arkham-origins-deadshot-4-inch-figure mattel-dc-comics-multiverse-arkham-origins-deadshot-4-inch-figure

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