DC Comics Introduces New 52 Vandal Savage and Giganta, Debuting In Trinity of Sin: Pandora

comic-book-newsStarting next is Trinity of Sin: Pandora, from DC Comics. This new book is a prequel to the upcoming Trinity War, a major crossover event taking place in the DC Universe this year. Yesterday, DC gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at a couple of characters that will be appearing in Trinity of Sin: Pandora. Making her New 52 debut is Giganta. As a member of the Secret Society, Giganta is determined to retrieve Pandora’s infamous box (which is the catalyst of the New 52). But the question is, why? Along with Giganta, Vandal Savage will be joining her. Vandal, an immortal like Pandora, has been a major contender for the Justice League over the years, so what is he up to here? And is there a connection between Vandal and Pandora? Find out in issue #2 of Trinity of Sin: Pandora. Check out below a first look at the character designs by artist Mikel Janin for these two colossal characters. Look for Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1 which comes out July 3rd. (Source: DC Comics)

dc-new-52-giganta dc-new-52-vandal-savage

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