DC Comics GOTHAM ACADEMY #1 Review

comic-book-newsDC has a hit, and it is Gotham Academy #1. Co-writers Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher have crafted a fun and interesting story for all ages. They are joined by artist Karl Kerschl, whom has delivered some gorgeous artwork, this is some of his best work to date, and is pretty different from anything else being done at DC Comics these days. Rounding out the art team is the color team of Geyser with Dave McCaig.

From the first look at the cover and interior pages, you can see these creators are bringing their A game. This all translates to this being a great new series for DC. It is unlike any other Bat-title, with a youthful feel to it, that is refreshing for once. In the first issue we are introduced to two characters, Olive Silverlock and “Maps” Mizoguchi. From there we see an interesting contrast between the old architecture of the Gotham Academy and modern teenagers and their technology.

Not too much is revealed in this first issue. But what we do learn is something happened in the North Hall of the Academy and there is something lurking in the shadows. Also, Olive and Maps go on a short adventure, which leads them into a little trouble. Bruce Wayne makes an appearance as himself. Yep, NO BATMAN! DC managed to keep Dark Knight out of this issue and let this new series sell itself.

If you are looking for something fresh, but still want ties to the DC Universe, more specifically the Bat-books, then pick this up. You won’t regret it. Gotham Academy #1 delivers something unique and is worth plunking down your monies.


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