DC Collectibles Unveils Updated Deluxe Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile


DC Collectibles unveiled, via Nerdist, an updated version of their fan-favorite Batmobile from  Batman: The Animated Series. I know, you’re thinking, an updated version? I’m sure those that already spent $100 on it are going to be a little upset over this. The new “deluxe” Batmobile features new metallic paint applications on the wheels, grill and engine headers. In addition to that, you get a working light-up Bat-Signal and what might be the biggest kicker, a re-release of Batman and Robin with cloth capes. So now you can have a version of each figure that will actually sit in the vehicle. The Deluxe 6″ Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile will set you back a little more than the standard version did, this one is priced at $175. What do you think? Will you be getting this updated version?

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  • SS21O

    Having just got the first Batmobile just last week……. I won’t be getting a second one.I really hate when they pull this stuff

    • Tell me about it! I love that it comes with a Batsignal, but that would have made a cool accessory for a deluxe Comissioner Gordon. The cloth capes also don’t make sense for the existing aesthetic. I’m honestly disappointed by this.

  • Mario J. Vilchez

    Way to rub salt in the wound dc, for all of us who picked this up in last year. Too soon. They should have added sounds to it this time around.

    • The thing is, last year was a mere 15 days ago and even then it was released in November so most people have had the Batmobile for less than 45 days (20 if you received it as a Christmas gift). This is awful timing on DC’s part. Way too soon!