DC Collectibles Unveils Two New Arkham City 2-Packs

toy-news-and-talkEarlier tonight, DC Collectibles unveiled two new Batman Arkham City 2-Packs, Mr. Hammer and Harley Quinn along with Sickle and Penguin 6-inch figures. Unfortunately, you will need to get two re-releases (not even repaints), Harley Quinn and Penguin, to get the Abramovici Twins, Mr. Hammer and Sickle. That is unless you don’t already have them. And from some of the reactions on their Facebook page, a few fans are not too happy about this (but that shouldn’t come to any surprise, this is toy collecting we are talking about). There is no release information available at this time, so just enjoy the new images. (Source: Facebook)

dc-collectibles-batman-arkham-city-mr-hammer-and-harley-quinn-2-pack dc-collectibles-batman-arkham-city-sickle-and-penguin-2-pack

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