DC Collectibles Reveals Two New Greg Capullo Designer Series Figures, The Flash and Survival Suit Batman!

Today in part of their latest “Ask DC Collectibles” feature, two new Greg Capullo Designer Series figures were revealed as a consolation for the delay of the Greg Capullo Two-Face figure. They explained that the Two-Face figure needed to have some things addressed before they were ready to release it, but that it would be available by December. To kind of “smooth things over” they revealed two Greg Capullo figures that have yet to be announced, The Flash and Survival Suit Batman. Both look great and I’m looking forward to picking these up. The Capullo Designer Series figures are some of my favorite DC Collectibles figures in my collection. There is something different about them that I really like. For those wonder, The Flash and Survival Suit Batman figures will be available in the second half of 2016.

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