DC Collectibles Rainbow Batman Figure Six-Pack Is No April Fool’s Day Joke

DC Collectibles Rainbow Batman Figure Six-PackColor us surprised. DC Collectibles has announced they’ll be releasing a Rainbow Batman figure six-pack with the Gotham Knight sporting a series of pastels in pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

DCC’s Rainbow Batman six-pack is actually based on issue 241 of Detective Comics. In the issue, Dick Grayson injures his arm while saving a girl’s life during a robbery. To protect Dick’s identity as Robin, Batman wears a variety of colored batsuits explaining he did so in order to draw attention away from Robin’s injured arm as people might realize the injury was identical to the one sustained by Dick Grayson.

The DC Collectibles Rainbow Batman figure six-pack figures is scheduled for an August release and carries a $70 price.

Source: CNET.com

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