DC Collectibles for September — New 52 Action Figures, Batman B&W Statues and A Lot More!

toy-news-and-talkWow, DC Collectibles released their solicitations for September shipping product and there are a ton of really great items shipping that month. Among the items solicited are, Superman and Wonder Woman “The Kiss” Statue standing at 14.3 inches tall and priced at $249.95. The New 52 Trinity War 3-Pack which includes Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman features an all-new head sculpt. This box set is priced at $49.95. A trio of Super Villains figures, The Joker, Black Manta and Captain Cold, each priced at $24.95. And don’t miss out on the massive 13″ Solomon Grundy Deluxe Figure based on his Arkham City look, this big boy is priced at $89.95. On the lighter side is a DC Comics Aardman 5-Pack ($74.95) featuring Aardman versions of Catwoman, Superman, Batman, Robin and The Joker!

A pair of Batman statues, Batman and The Joker, based on popular artist Greg Capullo‘s art, both are black and white and priced at $79.95. Also for the Batman fans, a great looking Batman versus Killer Croc Statue that stands a massive 16.5 inches tall and is priced at $299.95. There are two Batman: Hush 3-Packs solicited too, one featuring Batman in Stealth Gear, The Joker, and Harley Quinn, along with Scarecrow, Nightwing and Poison Ivy.

A pair of strong DC female character statues, a Bombshell Poison Ivy ($124.95) and Cover Girls Supergirl ($99.95). And two statues based on the art of Frank Quitely and Jae Lee, a Superman Man of Steel Statue ($79.95) and Before Watchman Ozymandia Statue ($149.95). Last, but certainly not least are two great collectibles, a Justice League Chess Set ($249.95) and a 1:1 Scale (Life Size) Orange Lantern Power Battery Replica ($199.95). You can pre-order most or all of these items at your local specialty shop, comic shop or favorite online retailer.

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